Ernest's Orleans Restaurant targeted in storms

By Liz Elan - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Ernest had a full house for dinner Thursday night when storm force winds ripped off the landmark star sign from his restaurant. "Thank God it didn't come back in the building where the people were," said the owner of Ernest's Orleans Restaurant, Ernest Palmisano.

More then 30 patrons hunkered down through the worst of it. "We got them away from the windows and once it blew over we were able to get them out of the building and on home," said Ernest.

The storm did not damage the main structure but spared little else, like the once indoor restaurant patio.  "If anyone was sitting here, that would have been it," said friend Tina Armenrio-Boyter.

Friends and family of Ernest came to the rescue, picking up decades of history and tradition. "Everything was in the parking lot, there were some things near the highway," said Armenrio-Boyter.

Some things will need to be rebuilt, others replaced, but most importantly Armenrio-Boyter says "thank God nobody was hurt, thank God for that."

Next is getting all the power restored, but a little darkness won't stop this restaurateur if you plan on visiting Ernest tonight for dinner, he'll be waiting for you.

"We are gonna get back."