From the Frontlines: Pat gets published

Here's just one of the many things we do here. This is the newsletter we publish monthly. That's right, a newsletter in a combat environment. The enemy does not stop the press.

I am the Editor of the Engineer Express. Fun title, but Sgt. Rebekah Malone and Scott Flenner do most of the hard work. I wrote one story about the Giering Award.

Read over it. It gives some insight as to some of what is happening out here.

Also, a picture I took and my Brigade PA (Public Affairs) team's article made the front page of our Division's Daily Online Newspaper "The Daily Charge." The 1st Cavalry Division is headquartered in Fort Hood, Texas, but most of their soldiers are here with us in Iraq. They are the folks we report to every day. God bless.

Click on either picture to see a complete version of either newsletter. Both are in .pdf format.