From the Frontlines: A Visit from the President (pictures included)

President Obama was actually very close to our position yesterday (April 7). It was high level hush-hush stuff, but we guessed that since he was in Turkey, there probably was a good chance he was going to visit the troops here.

The Al Faw palace in Baghdad was buzzing with soldiers who were very happy to see our president. I spoke to some of my soldiers and the sense is that we were all disappointed we did not get the chance to see him in person. Yeah, we were a bit jealous of our colleagues who got to shake the president's hand, but that's actually a very good thing.

It's great to see  folks wearing the uniform put any political differences they may have aside and support our Commander in Chief, especially in a combat environment.

Now back to the mission ...
God bless,

(NOTE: Pat was able to get some pictures from President Obama's trip to Iraq. After seeing the pictures, he sent out another message.)

Okay, now I am really jealous. These are photos from my new friends in my higher command who DID get the opportunity to meet President Obama here in Iraq.

Don't get me wrong. I covered presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaign during the primaries while I was in North Carolina, but this is something entirely different.

I am now putting in my request to work at the Division level. Just kidding.