From the Frontlines: A Tale of Two Soldiers

It's after midnight in Iraq, and I am writing off the top of my head about what happened just a week ago while I was in Kuwait. I met two soldiers who hail from Monroe, Louisiana. Like me, they too miss family and friends AND the cooking back home. But they know how important their jobs are here.

Sergeant Charles Smith is serving his third tour of duty fighting the war on terror. For Cory Hicks, this is his first trip to the desert. He is understandably anxious, but ready. Both serve on active duty with my parent unit, the 1st Cavalry Division. I met Smith and Hicks while traveling to the live fire range in Kuwait. They are both featured in a video story that hopefully you will see soon.

The weather is actually nice here in Iraq (70's for highs and 50's for lows), but it's very dry and the dust is just a part of life. You can't drink enough water.

There's plenty of work left to do, but progress is being made, and already, various sections of the country are being turned back over to the Iraqis. They seem very excited about the opportunity ahead. Soon, I will get opportunities to see some of the engineering projects underway. From what I hear, they (the engineering soldiers) are doing good work, and they realize the history that they are part of.

Well, I need rest now. Good night or good morning from Iraq.  Pat