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Smooth Away Hair Removal System: "Does it Work?"

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

Ladies, you asked for it, a simple way to remove unwanted hair, without razor blades or chemicals. This time we put the Smooth Away Hair Removal System to the"Does It Work?" test.

It says it removes hair instantly and pain free. It felt like a very fine grade of sandpaper. In fact, flip it over and you see it is made by 3M. You take off the backing to expose the adhesive and stick it to the applicator.

Make sure your skin is dry, it's very important. If your skin is moist, you'll end up sanding off more than hair! "You gently buff the area in a circular motion," the instructions say, "counter clockwise three times, then clockwise three times. Then, repeat until all the hair has been removed." It sounded easy enough, so we tried it!

After three or four of minutes we rinsed off the area and it was smooth as a baby's - a baby's arm. The hair was gone!

We tried it out on guys and gals, and arm and legs. The Smooth Away did it all!

But one of our "arm models" did have this to say, "Probably with the amount of time and effort I would spend going over it, I would probably just use something like Nair or Veet put it on and in five minutes be done with it."

But, if you can't put those chemicals on your skin, the Smooth Away might be a great option.

Does it work? We give the Smooth Away, a "yes". We got the Smooth Away system for $9.99 at Bed Bath Beyond.

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