The Good Stuff

  The Good Stuff: Pray Ball

It is both an eye sore and a sore spot with many who call Shreveport home."Basically, when the last team left here, they just put the gates on here and walked away," says local realtor Shayne Sharkey.

  The Good Stuff: The Heroes of Haughton High

The Good Stuff: Lessons Learned

The Good Stuff: Dream Catcher

The Good Stuff: One heart beating for two - part two

The Good Stuff: A race against time

The Good Stuff: One heart, beating for two

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  Report about Johnny Huntsman’s story draws Emmy nomination, attention to Alzheimer’s disease

The Good Stuff: Dancing with the signs

The Good Stuff: Hand-delivered message from the pulpit

The Good Stuff update: Bossier kayaker makes it to the Gulf

The Good Stuff: Slowin' down and almost home

The Good Stuff: They call him Mr. Semmie

  The Good Stuff: Friday night comeback

There's a high school sophomore who is surprising many with his return to the gridiron just months after a major medical setback.

The Good Stuff: Spencer, Shawn & Jamie keep delivering the ‘goods’

Their stories have traveled the country and the globe, stories about the good stuff that Spencer, Jamie and Shawn have been doing since we first introduced you to them over the last few weeks.

  The Good Stuff: Task force ‘Gunner’

The Minden Police Department is less than two months from adding a new officer to their force, K-9 Tigo. But doing so will cost the department at least $15,000.

The Good Stuff: What can brown do for Spencer

20-year-old Spencer Harrison of Shreveport has a passion, better described as an obsession. He loves all things UPS.

  The Good Stuff: Slowin' down the Mississippi

The Good Stuff: Celebrating Rickey Warren

The Good Stuff: Jamie Hickman prepares for U.S. Special Olympic games