The Good Stuff

  Give it your ‘Auld’

And even now, a year and a half after 26-year-old Trey Auld’s tragic death, his family and friends gather often to continue the giving legacy Trey began long before becoming a first responder.

  Sleep in Heavenly Peace

  Lillian’s tireless secret

  The Good Stuff: Brently’s Dream

  The Good Stuff: Mission - Warrior Horse

  The Good Stuff: 20,000 hours of love

  The Good Stuff: Crossroads of life and death

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  The Good Stuff: 2018 Lessons Learned

  The Good Stuff: Picture Perfect Escape

  The Good Stuff: Thanking the Thankless

  The Good Stuff: The perfect timing for cancer

  The Good Stuff: Pray Ball

  The Good Stuff: Finding Common Ground

  The Good Stuff: Giving it to Faith

With little more than hope left in the pews, a Shreveport church saves its legacy by giving everything it owns to a neighboring sanctuary.

  The Good Stuff: The Heroes of Haughton High

For many teenagers in uniform on a Friday night, whether they’re cheering on the fans or fighting for yards on the football team, it’s about creating the kind of memories that last a lifetime.

  The Good Stuff: Lessons Learned

There are many lessons learned by listening to the stories of the people we've met on "The Good Stuff."

  The Good Stuff: Dream Catcher

How Terry Bradshaw and Tommy Spinks, grew up sharing more than a friendship — they shared a dream.

  The Good Stuff: One heart beating for two - part two

  The Good Stuff: A race against time

  The Good Stuff: One heart, beating for two

  Report about Johnny Huntsman’s story draws Emmy nomination, attention to Alzheimer’s disease

  The Good Stuff: Dancing with the signs

  The Good Stuff: Hand-delivered message from the pulpit

  The Good Stuff update: Bossier kayaker makes it to the Gulf

He made it. Shawn Puffer of Bossier Parish has completed his nearly 2,500-mile journey from the northern tip of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. "The sense of accomplishment is starting to wash over me now," says Puffer, who reached the Gulf via the Atchafalaya River near Franklin, La.

  The Good Stuff: Slowin' down and almost home

Shawn Puffer of Bossier Parish has been kayaking the entire length of the Mississippi River since June 3 and he is set to reach his final destination, the Gulf of Mexico, as early as Aug. 8.

  The Good Stuff: They call him Mr. Semmie

Forty-six years in the same business. And nearly all of them working at KSLA News 12 in Shreveport. That is quite the accomplishment for Chief Photographer Semmie Buffin. And an even greater accomplishment, his induction into the NATAS Silver Circle, established to recognize individuals who have devoted at least 25 years to the television industry.

  The Good Stuff: Friday night comeback

There's a high school sophomore who is surprising many with his return to the gridiron just months after a major medical setback.

  The Good Stuff: Spencer, Shawn & Jamie keep delivering the ‘goods’

Their stories have traveled the country and the globe, stories about the good stuff that Spencer, Jamie and Shawn have been doing since we first introduced you to them over the last few weeks.

  The Good Stuff: Task force ‘Gunner’

The Minden Police Department is less than two months from adding a new officer to their force, K-9 Tigo. But doing so will cost the department at least $15,000.

  The Good Stuff: What can brown do for Spencer

20-year-old Spencer Harrison of Shreveport has a passion, better described as an obsession. He loves all things UPS.

  The Good Stuff: Slowin' down the Mississippi

Shawn Puffer of Bossier Parish is spending his summer in one of the most unique ways possible. He's paddling 2,300 miles down the Mississippi River.

  The Good Stuff: Celebrating Rickey Warren

Downtown Logansport is decked out in red, white and blue as the city prepares for it's annual 4th of July fireworks show. "Whenever we first started doing it, it was just a bunch of us with regular fireworks running around with a cigarette lighter," explains DeSoto Parish District #1 fire fighter Jody Warren.

  The Good Stuff: Jamie Hickman prepares for U.S. Special Olympic games

The good news came by mail a few weeks back. "It is from the Special Olympics of Louisiana," explained 28 year old Jamie Hickman of Shreveport, reading the outside of the envelope. And after opening it up and reading the first word in the letter, "Congratulations", Jamie knew right away what it meant. "I get to go to Seattle, Washington," she screamed.