Big Pharma was supposed to self-police fentanyl prescriptions. It failed. Patients died.

Internal documents show lax enforcement, missed opportunities by the federal government.

  Prior charge against alleged FB Live killer dismissed

KSLA Investigates obtained criminal files against Johnathan Tremaine Robinson from the Caddo district attorney’s office. During a thorough examination of the records behind five of Robinson’s most recent arrests, one case stood out.

You can help uncover political ad targeting on Facebook

Use the Facebook Political Ad Collector to help categorize ads and understand why they are targeting you.

Man convicted of kidnapping, killing 12-year-old boy gets new trial

A man convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death will get a new trial. The Louisiana Supreme Court overturned the conviction and sentence for Brian Douglas Horn.

New evidence in rape case against Mystikal delays bond hearing

Arguments over the request to reduce the bond of the rapper Mystikal never took place on Wednesday, as his attorney learned that investigators have new evidence.

Stephen F. Austin kicks off 2018 season with investigation into ex-coach looming

When the Lumberjacks kickoff the 2018 football season against Mississippi State Saturday, September 1, they'll do so with an interim head coach and several lingering questions surrounding former head coach Clint Conque.

SPD officer arrested on his 2nd DWI charge in about 4 months

This is the second time in about four months and the third time in almost three years that 29-year-old Daniel Meyers has been arrested on a DWI charge.

State worker overseeing DeSoto registrar of voters' office

An agent with the Louisiana secretary of state's office is stationed in the DeSoto registrar of voters' office following the retirement and arrest of Deborah Stewart.

Appellate judges question legality of DeSoto DA's LACE program

After hearing arguments for 40 minutes, a three-judge panel of the Louisiana 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal now will decide whether the DeSoto Parish district attorney is violating the Constitution and state law regarding the way his office is distributing funds from a traffic ticket diversion program.

Judge makes key ruling in Amanda Carney wrongful death lawsuit

A court victory has been won by the father of Amanda Carney, the 18-year-old girl killed during a prison escape from David Wade Correctional Center.

KSLA Investigates: yard sale dangers

No matter how good the deal seems, there are certain used items sold in yard sales and by other means that could be dangerous to bring into your home. Here are some that could pose a threat to your and your family's safety.

  KSLA Investigates: The Day Amanda Carney Died

It was a life full of promise, but a year ago today, Amanda Carney's life was taken during a violent prison escape at the David Wade Correctional Center in Claiborne Parish.

KSLA INVESTIGATES: Are raw food diets safe for your pets?

It's a growing trend. Ditch the packaged dry and wet foods and put your pet on a diet of raw food. But could that be putting you and your pet at risk?

Audit reveals DeSoto Parish traffic diversion program reduced funds to criminal justice system

A new state legislative audit found the 42nd Judicial District used a traffic diversion program so much it reduced the amount of money going into DeSoto Parish's criminal justice system.

KSLA Investigates: High Frequency of Boil Advisories

Over the past 19 months, water public systems across Northwest Louisiana have issued more than 412 boil advisories.

KSLA Investigates: How the state protects your pocket at the gas pump

As the summer travel season picks up, you're more than likely going to be finding yourself spending more time at the gas pump.

Defamation case against Shreveport Mayor, CAO tossed out by Court of Appeal

A Louisiana Court of Appeals agrees a defamation suit against Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler and the city's top administrator should be tossed. The court ruling "extortion," "blackmail" and "shakedown" comments were free speech, not defamatory remarks.

Raycom launches InvestigateTV app on Roku

Raycom Media, the parent company of KSLA, announced the launch of InvestigateTV, an innovative over-the-top app designed to deliver quality, impactful on-demand journalism content.

Barksdale museum sponsors proposal for school on base

The Bossier Parish School Board issued an extension for a proposed charter school on Barksdale Air Force Base.

KSLA Investigates: Could getting your nails done at a salon be putting your health at risk?

Getting your nails done is considered a treat for many women, but could the appeal of being pampered be putting your health at risk? KSLA Investigates looks at the inspection reports. Here's what they say.

Indicted Caddo commissioner's nonprofit had deals with parish entities, City of Shreveport

Public records reveal Caddo Parish, City of Shreveport paid troubled nonprofit a total of $60,000 over three years.

  A Crime Of Violence: KSLA investigative reports help shape life-saving domestic abuse legislation

In October, KSLA Investigates exposed a loophole in Louisiana law freeing violent serial domestic abusers. Now lawmakers are reacting and working on a life-saving fix to this serious issue.

KSLA Investigates: Shreveport-Bossier lacks life saving devices at parks, fields

There are new questions Friday regarding the lack of AED's, or automated external defibrillators, at public recreation fields in Bossier City and Shreveport.

Moving forward: New Boston's interim police chief begins work

In 2014, Garry McCrary retired from patrolling the roads in Western Bowie County as a sheriff's deputy — now he's New Boston's interim police chief.

Letter by New Boston Chief of Police explains decision to fire high ranking officer

After six and a half weeks of silence, Tony King, the embattled Chief of Police for the town of New Boston Texas is breaking his silence, regarding the controversial firing of Lieutenant Johnny Milwood.

KSLA Investigates: A Thin Grey Line

KLSA Investigates looks into why charges of attempted first-degree murder were dismissed against man who allegedly attacked three Shreveport police officers while armed with two 10-inch knives.

Special New Boston city council meeting ends in chaos

A packed city council chambers in New Boston, Texas turns chaotic, after a council session ends abruptly, with citizens shouting at city leaders, demanding answers in a growing controversy threatening to ensnare city hall.

KSLA Investigates: Alleged whistleblowing New Boston officer still fighting for his job

New Boston is a "great little town." But of late, the East Texas community's quiet life is getting disturbed by controversy over Police Chief Tony King and his decision to fire an officer who allegedly threatened to expose police misconduct.

Lawyer, New Boston residents accuse police chief of racism, police misconduct

During Tuesday night's New Boston, Texas, City Council Meeting, allegations were made against Chief of Police Tony King accusing him of police misconduct and harassment — as well as labeling him as a racist.

Consumer Warning: "name dropping" mystery shopper scheme

A concerned citizen is stepping forward to warn people in the Ark-La-Tex to be on the lookout for a very convincing scheme aimed at stealing your money — it even comes with the false hope and promise of a fun job.

KSLA Investigates: Authorities determined she killed herself; years later, her daughter still insists it was a homicide

Seven years ago, just days after her birthday, a single gunshot wound to the chest took Martha Morgan's life.  Investigators officially ruled the death a suicide, but Morgan's daughter is certain her mother's death was murder.

  Criminal investigation targets Shreveport police lieutenant

Shreveport Police Department's administrative investigation of one of its lieutenants now is a criminal investigation being conducted by an agency outside the department, according to the city attorney's office.

KSLA Investigates: alleged LACE abuse in DeSoto

A review of thousands of pages of documents show that payroll fraud by deputies in the Desoto Parish Sheriff's Office, was possibly more widespread than officials initially indicated.

3 DeSoto sheriff's deputies leave amid LACE investigation

Three DeSoto Parish sheriff's deputies have either resigned or left the department in connection with the controversial overtime ticket-writing program, called Local Agency Compensated Enforcement, commonly referred to as LACE.

KSLA Investigates: 3 DeSoto deputies caught up in state's widening LACE overtime inquiry

Three DeSoto Parish sheriff's deputies are on administrative leave as an investigation into the possible abuse of an overtime ticket-writing program widens, Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle tells KSLA Investigates.

KSLA Investigates: Bossier non-profit still tax exempt despite directors arrest

A Bossier Parish non-profit is now still tax exempt following the arrest of its executive director — and the organization is still eligible to receive donations.

KSLA Investigates: Did 1-year delay in ruling woman's death a homicide let a killer go free?

She was found dead after authorities put out the fire at her house. It was a year later that her death was ruled a homicide. Now her friends and family members of wonder whether that delay means her killer never will be brought to justice.

Ditching the dead: KSLA report prompts new Caddo accountability protocol

A KSLA News 12 investigation reveals even more accusations of Caddo Parish solid waste workers ditching responsibility and dead animals while on the clock.

KSLA Investigates: Louisiana lawmakers want state law to classify domestic abuse battery as a violent crime

State Representatives react to a KSLA investigation about domestic abuse battery, wanting to change state law to include the offense on Lousiana crimes of violence list.

Shreveport is owed more than $1 million in unpaid traffic fines

In all, there are 16,825 unpaid tickets owed to the city of Shreveport. The top offender has 18 outstanding fines. And the 4 people who are most behind on payments to the city owe $830 to $1,060.

KSLA Investigates: What is a 'crime of violence'?

A number of inmates will walk free from Caddo Correctional Center without serving their full sentences for serious felonies in separate domestic abuse cases. Each is leaving the parish lockup just 2.5 months after being convicted of his/her crime.