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No pay raise for SPD

By Fred Childers - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Mayor Cedric Glover's veto of a police pay raise plan stands. The plan was vetoed last Friday, however a motion was introduced during the Shreveport City Council meeting today (Tuesday) to overturn that veto. Three members, Calvin Lester, Monty Walfrod, and Michael Long voted against that motion, resulting in the veto standing.
    Mayor Glover who has opposed the plan for several weeks said that he wants to give officers a pay raise, but that the plan, authored by Council Member, Bryan Wooley, was fiscally irresponsible. Wooley and Police Union President, Michael Carter, both have said that SPD is losing officers to attrition at an alarming rate. Mayor Glover indicated during the city council meeting today that SPD's attrition rate is not as bad as they make it out to be. Wooley said shortly after the veto was upheld "Well, I beg to differ, because I know he cited some national averages and things of that nature but my response to that is, since when do we try to keep up with our neighboring state, I thought the whole point was to be the next great city of the south".
    Other council members expressed an interest in trying to find money in the budget to facilitate a much needed pay hike. The average pay of an SPD Officer is below the southern average.
   Today's vote has essentially put an end to the present debate, however Wooley vows to continue looking for ways to offer a pay hike to police.

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