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Jimmy Davis Bridge to close for repairs

By Fred Childers - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -   For many the Jimmy Davis Bridge is part of an every day commute, from Shreveport to Bossier city or vice versa.  But as early as May, that could change.

"Contractor will come in and shut the Jimmy Davis Bridge down," said DOTD Engineer, Bob Taylor.
Both sides of the bridge will be lifted, and replaced.     

"It's some basic structural repairs the end bents themselves need to be redone," said Taylor.

More than 18,000 vehicles in one day cross the two lane Jimmy Davis Bridge, that's exactly why the DOTD expects lots of problems, and lots of traffic when the project begins.

"He's [the contractor] going to put out message boards two weeks before he closes it down," said Taylor.

The state suggests an alternate route, using state highways.

"Youree Drive, taking them across the Shreveport Barksdale Bridges, putting them on 71 or the other way around, 71 to Shreveport Barksdale on to one to go wherever they want to go," said Taylor.

But there is another way too, on the Shreveport side: the Clyde Fant Parkway, on the Bossier side: the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway.

They'll be open during the projected six weeks the contractor will need to complete repairs.    

 "Just hurry up," said Gerald Savoie who owns Savoie's Crawfish Restaurant on the Shreveport side. He says a bridge closure in May is the worst possible time to cut his restaurant off from South Bossier, because it's in the middle of crawfish season, he's hopeful the parkways will provide some relief.

"That's the simplest way, no red lights," says Savoie.

But for the state there's no better time than now. Because doing it later means higher costs, and even more cars crossing the bridge.

  The parkways can not be used by the big trucks. They'll have to stick to the state highways.

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