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No reward from Crime Stoppers in serial killer case


The woman credited with providing key information leading to the arrest of serial killer Derrick Todd Lee will not receive a reward from Crime Stoppers. The total amount of the reward would have been $150,000. More>>

Psychologists Weigh In On Accused Serial Killer's Possible Mental Disorder

Claiming he has family history of mental illness, the attorneys for accused serial killer Derrick Todd have requested he be tested by expert psychologists. WAFB's Jennifer Hale caught up with those psychologists to find out exactly what they would look for in Lee and what it would mean legally. More>>

DNA Links 7th Victim to Suspected Serial Killer Derrick Todd Lee

Randi Mebruer Randi Mebruer

DNA evidence has linked another murder of a south Louisiana woman to suspected serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. Authorities say evidence links Lee to the 1998 disappearance and presumed death of Randi Mebruer. More>>

Derrick Todd Lee Pleads Not Guilty to Murder of Murray Pace

It was just as the prosecution predicted. Accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee entered a plea of not guilty in court Wednesday. But there was something that came as a surprise to many in the court room,  the judge set a date for Lee's trial to start. More>>

EBR Grand Jury Indicts Derrick Todd Lee In Pace's Murder

Derrick Todd Lee Derrick Todd Lee

After 6 hours of deliberation an East Baton Rouge parish grand jury has indicted suspected serial killer Derrick Todd Lee for the first-degree murder of Charlotte Murray Pace, who was brutally stabbed to death in her town home May 31, 2002. DNA has connected Lee to the murders of six south Louisiana women. More>>

No Lafayette Trial For Derrick Todd Lee

After talking to the family of Dene Colomb, prosecutors in Lafayette say they will drop their murder case against twice convicted serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. Lee is accused of beating 23-year-old Colomb to death. More>>

New Information Could Link Derrick Todd Lee To Yet Another Murder

Connie Warner Connie Warner

The 1992 murder of Connie Warner remains unsolved. Now after 12 years, an old witness is coming forward and publicly revealing information that could link convicted serial killer Derrick Todd Lee to Warner's murder. WAFB's Jennifer Hale has the exclusive. More>>

Will Lee Be Tried For Other Murders?

It is only a formality, but convicted serial killer Derrick Todd Lee will be sentenced to death on Friday, December 10th for the first degree murder of Charlotte Murray Pace. But the question remains -- will Lee be tried for the other murders that happened in East Baton Rouge parish? More>>

Lee Sentenced To Death

Derrick Todd Lee has been sentenced to death for the first degree murder of LSU grad student Charlotte Murray Pace. It took the jury that convicted Lee for Pace's murder 93 minutes to unanimously decide Lee's fate. Lee is now at Angola State Penitentiary. More>>

Lee's DNA Entered In As Evidence

Wednesday, during the third day of testimony, a State Police DNA expert used scientific data to say, without doubt, Derrick Lee was the man who savagedly raped and murdered Charlotte Murray Pace in May 2002. More>>

Advanced DNA Tests Linking Lee To His Victims Made Public

A West Baton Rouge judge is now making public the advanced DNA tests that allegedly link accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee to some of his alleged victims. Prosecutors are also revealing new details beyond DNA, that they say further link Lee to Geralyn De Soto's murder and the attack of Diane Alexanders. More>>

Lee Found Guilty of Contempt of Court

Accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee has now been found guilty of at least one thing in the South Louisiana serial killings case. A judge found Lee guilty of contempt of court, after an emotional outburst, where Lee cursed a witness. Lee's now sentenced to 30 days in West Baton Rouge Parish Prison and a $250 fine. More>>

Developments In The Cases of Accused Serial Killer Derrick Todd Lee

There was legal fighting on both sides of the Mississippi River Thursday for accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. From West Baton Rouge parish, Lee is back in court for a battle over DNA evidence, and on the east side a new trial date has been set for Lee, plus a set back from the First Circuit Court of Appeal. More>>

In Lee's Own Words

In his own words accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee says he believes he's sure to be convicted and put to death. WAFB's Laranda Moffett takes you behind the scenes of Lee's interrogations. More>>

Charges Against Lee Changed in West Baton Rouge

Major new developments today in the case against accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. On Friday morning, Lee pled not guilty in a West Baton Rouge court to the murder of Addis resident and LSU student More>>

Knife Found Linked to Derrick Todd Lee

The serial killer used several methods to kill. He mainly used knives and his bare hands. WAFB Streetbeat Reporter Greg Meriwether has uncovered some new potential evidence that's at the state police crime lab. More>>

Search to Find Evidence Against Derrick Todd Lee Underway

West Baton Rouge sheriff's detectives are hunting high and low for more evidence to use against accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. Now, after three searches which uncovered new evidence, detectives are retracing Lee's steps. WAFB's Crime Team reporter Avery Davidson has the latest. More>>

Derrick Lee Indicted in Murder of Geralyn DeSoto

A grand jury has indicted accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee for the murder of Geralyn DeSoto. The West Baton Rouge woman was stabbed to death in her home back in January of 2002. That makes six women Lee is officially accused of killing in south Louisiana. More>>

Derrick Todd Lee Court Appearance

Accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee was physically back in the courtroom, wearing a dark polo shirt and khaki pants, as lawyers reported to Judge Richard Anderson about the remarkable cooperation between both sides in the case. More>>

June 26, 2003

Arraignment Date Set For Accused Serial Killer Derrick Todd Lee

Derrick Todd Lee Derrick Todd Lee

As 9 News was the first to report, accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee will soon make his first appearance in a Louisiana courtroom where he will announce his plea of guilty or not guilty in the first-degree murder of Charlotte Murray Pace.    More>>

June 5, 2003

Defense Reveals Strategy in Lee Case

The man who will defend suspected serial killer Derrick Todd Lee says he's ready for the challenge. Public Defender Michael Mitchell is no stranger to capital murder cases. Mitchell has put in 18 years More>>

What Led Authorities To Finger Derrick Todd Lee As Their Man?

She says she was nearly killed by suspected serial killer Derrick Todd Lee. And it's because of what she remembered from the attack that detectives got their first big hint Lee was the man they wanted. More>>

Woman Lives To Tell Of Attack By Derrick Todd Lee

1993 Attack Victim 1993 Attack Victim

A woman who says she was attacked back in 1993 by Derrick Todd Lee has come forward to tell her story on how she and her then-boyfriend narrowly escaped with their lives. More>>

Defense: New Evidence Could Prove Lee's Innocence

Less than a day after a jury convicted him of 21-year-old Geralyn DeSoto's murder, Derrick Todd Lee and his lawyer's claim they have found new evidence that proves he's innocent. More>>

DNA In or Out of Serial Killer Case?

Defense Attorneys for accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee attacked the cornerstone of the case today. They want the DNA evidence thrown out. More>>

Attorney Claims History of Mental Disorders in Accused Serial Killer's Family

Accused serial killer Derrick Todd Lee was in a St. Martinville courtroom Monday, where a judge denied a defense motion for more money to test Lee for mental illnesses, which they claim his aunt and father suffered. The judge also refused to delay Lee's trial there for the attempted rape and attempted murder of a Breaux Bridge woman. More>>

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