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Glover Vetoes Officer Pay Raise

By Jonathan McCall - bio | email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - "I believe without question the vast majority of the men and women would support a pay raise as well."But Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover is not one of them. Friday afternoon Glover told Shreveport officers first hand about his decision to veto a recently approved pay raise.  "Unfortunately I had to exercise the use of my veto pen for the first time."A 2 million dollar surplus in this years budget would pay for the raise.

Shreveport Councilman Monty Walford who voted against the measure says. "The money has to be available and got to be available on a recurring basis, and it wasn't." In a letter addressed to officers and council members Glover says the move would be inappropriate and unwise and could cost the police department federal grants."A recurring expense would not be the appropriate thing to do right now based on the fiscal condition of the City of Shreveport."

Shreveport Councilman Bryan Wooley is not convinced. "Officers are leaving at an alarming rate to find better pay somewhere else." Wooley proposed the pay raise and says the veto sends the wrong message to those who risk their lives everyday. He says the money is in the police budget every year, but usually given ot other departments. "Let's keep it in the police department. Let's give the police officers a well deserved-well needed raise and lets make ourselves competitive in the marketplace."

Wooley says he'll be looking for ways to make sure the officers get the money they deserve. "We'll be in talks with the council members. If somebody wants to jump onboard and override a veto, we're all for it."

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