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CONTINUING COVERAGE -Murder Suspect Mickelson Also Confesses to 1996 Killing, & More

  One of two suspects arrested in connection with the disappearance and murder of an elderly Shreveport man this week has now confessed to another killing that occurred in 1996, according to Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator.

 Sheriff Steve Prator tells KSLA News 12 that Eric Mickelson may be a serial killer. Mickelson, 38, is currently in the Shreveport City Jail on a first degree murder charge. He and his girlfriend, Beverly "Suzi" Arthur were arrested Thursday night in connection with the strangulation death of Charles Martin, Jr., 86.
  Martin's family reported him missing Wednesday night after they noticed both he and his 2002 Chrysler 300 were not at his Watts Road home. 
   Shreveport police admitted Friday morning that they found Martin's body after questioning Mickelson and Arthur.  Further investigation led to the new developments in the O'Pry case.
   "During the investigation in Martin's death, yes, he did confess that he killed Kristi O'Pry," Prator said.
   Kristi O'Pry disappeared in June of 1996.  According an internet website operated by her family, she was last seen getting into a vehicle with Eric Mickelson.
   "He was a suspect when it first occurred," Prator said.  "He's been talked to on numerous occasions.  Now that we have him on the one homicide, he's given up and admitted to the other homicide too."
   However, Prator said Mickelson has not been arrested yet in connection with the O'Pry case.  He said his investigators would need to continue gathering information and evidence in the case first.
  KSLA News 12 has since learned that some of that gathering has already begun.  On Friday afternoon, a KSLA News 12 crew spotted detectives with cadaver dogs searching a field in western Caddo Parish.  
  Stay tuned to this website and KSLA News 12 for updates on this story.
  Story by Katrina Webber & David Begnaud

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