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Two Schools, Two Teachers Arrested For Inappropriate Texts To Students

By Jonathan McCall - bio | email

SHREVEPORT/DESOTO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - "It started out as a student-teacher relationship as normal." But according to Desoto Parish Sheriffs, a relationship between 23 year old north Desoto High teacher Jada Hendrix, and a 16 year old male student went well beyond the classroom for more than a month.

Sheriffs arrested Hendrix after her boyfriend alerted them to a cell phone of text messages between Hendrix and the student. But that phone wasn't the only thing officials found.  "They were exchanging letter on jump drives. Switch it up during the day and see what the other had typed a letter, and typed back."

Leslie Clark says she worried about what could happen to her children when they do attend the school.  "It does disturb me to think that this is the school I plan on sending my children to school one day. It is scary because I have two daughters I would just like to think that it is a good school," Clark says.

And just a day after Hendrix was arrested for sending those inappropriate text messages, a teacher here at Oak Terrace school in Shreveport was arrested fro the exact same thing."    Tuesday Caddo Sheriffs arrested 36 year old Van Rogers Goodman. Goodman who worked as a physical education teacher at the school allegedly sent inappropriate text messages and photos to the cell phone of a 14 year old female student during school hours.

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