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Hundreds look for answers about leasing land for Haynesville Shale

By Tania Francios

STONEWALL, LA (KSLA) - Hundreds of people packed a DeSoto parish church to learn more about their oil, gas and mineral rights Thursday night. The speaker at this meeting, a natural resource consultant, says there's really one thing land and mineral owners should know and keep in mind, that is "don't sign anything before you speak to a qualified professional who specializes in representing land and mineral owners." 

Five hundred people packed the Salem Baptist Church in Stonewall for the oil and mineral rights meeting Thursday night. All were full of questions, including the mayor of Stonewall who sponsored it.

"One thing is, are they going to get the proper money for leasing their land?" Mayor Curtis McCune asked.
James Ducey, a land owner, was upset over the confusion of finding information. "I don't understand the writing of the literature that's on it, just hunting for information."

"The difference in the different amount of money that people are getting to find out how much are we actually will get and what we can't get." was land owner Cleavon Cooper's concern.

Mayor McCune also wanted to know, "Are we going to have heavy trucks to come in and ruin our roads (that will) cause dust and ... noise?"

With all the questions, Billy K. Lemons, a land man and mineral rights consultant, had one answer. "Never sign the standard anything. Never sign the standard oil and gas lease, never sign the standard pipe line easement agreement. Never sign the standard seismic permit. Never take the original amount offered and get professional help."

Experts say when looking for advice, get professional help from a landman who represents land owners only, a board certified oil and gas lawyer who specializes in oil and gas law.

Another town-hall type meeting on the Haynesville Shale mineral leases will be held Thursday, June 5th at Captain Shreve High School. It starts at 7 p.m.

Presenters will review oil and gas leases from the landowners perspective.

Also, Tom Dark, Shreveport's Chief Administrative Officer, will elaborate on what the mayor and his team from city hall has learned from Fort Worth about the Barnett Shale.

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