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SHREVEPORT - February 4

An Officer's Reaction To Recent Shooting Attempts On Police

Authorities report three separate alleged shootings targeting police officers in less than a week.
Officers in both cities say unfortunately the events over the past week are part of the job, but the Shreveport officer we patrolled with today wasn't afraid to say it has affected him.
"If you're willing to take a shot at a police officer, what else are you willing to do?" exclaims Shreveport Police Corporal Robert Elliot.
Corporal Elliot has served on the force for nearly 13 years.
But this past week he dealt with something for the first time: someone shooting a fellow officer while he was on duty.
 "It was different. You could tell that officers were--the concern on their face," he says.
Elliot doesn't feel people have lost fear in police officers--rather--their perspective on humanity is changing.
"Guns and the violence that's seen in our homes. It's become so prevalent--you just don't think about it anymore," says Elliot.
The corporal says officers will always be at a disadvantage when approaching someone on the street.
 "You know that's a police officer pulling you over, but do I know who is inside that car? I don't until I make contact with you," he says.
Story By Ben Wolf



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