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Source: Ex-Wife Will Be Key Witness Against Embattled Softball Coach

The ex-wife of Southwood High School softball coach Greg Frazier could end up being his worst enemy if the case against him goes to trial.
Tammy Lynn Scott is cooperating with authorities who are investigating Frazier's alleged sexual misconduct with student athletes.
Both Frazier and his ex-wife have seen the inside of a jail. Prosecutors say he is a pedophile, and she is alleged to be a white collar criminal whose also the mother of his two children.
It is Tammy who prosecutors believe may have first blown the whistle on Frazier when she filed for divorce in the mid 90's.  Then, she allegedly accused him of molesting young girls.
The couple's divorce file is sealed, but KSLA News 12 has learned that a private investigator allegedly caught Frazier on audio tape having sex with a young girl in his home.
"Once Frazier saw that evidence was something that would be made public he folded his tent and agreed to give her the divorce, which means it never got the attention of the judge," says Caddo Parish Assistant District Attorney Hugo Holland.
He says if a judge would have known about the allegations, he would have been required by law to report it to the authorities.
"Would it have been a good idea if we would have found this out?  Probably so, because we could have done something in the late eighties or early nineties," says Holland.
It was in the late eighties that prosecutors say Frazier picked his first victim. "What I can tell you is the first victim that we know of was his first baseman, and it was at Parkway," says Holland. 
Frazier worked at Parkway High School in Bossier parish before being hired to work in Caddo parish. Holland say it's most likely too late to prosecute alleged misconduct at Parkway, but it's not to late to investigate what a Caddo Public School official knew about the allegations against Frazier in the mid nineties. "Not under this administration, but a former school official knew about molestation allegations involving an alleged victim and did not properly report it to authorities," says Holland.
Schools are mandated by law to report physical and sexual abuse involving children. "It could be that this information was passed along to his school official and he did not believe it was for whatever reason, therefore chose not to pass it along.  There's some gray area there, but I've got to check that out, and until I can I'm not going to be satisfied that there's not any wrongdoing."
Holland won't say who the official is.  He is checking into whether or not that person is still employed with the school district.
Superintendent Ollie Tyler says she's stunned by the new developments, but was not in charge back then and cannot speak about what may have happened.
She's placed Coach Frazier on administrative leave without pay.
In a twist of irony, Frazier's brother Gary is in jail. He was also arrested on allegations of a sex crime. Fifty-five year old Gary Douglas Frazier was arrested for alleged indecent behavior with a juvenile, and computer aided solicitation of a minor.  
Story by David Begnaud
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