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Ron Young Has Plastic Surgery

These days more men are going under the knife to turn back the hands of time. The numbers show facial plastic surgery rising nearly 20 percent among men since 2000. Now a familiar face is among those that have been transformed. KSLA News 12's Ron Young is taking on Father Time.
You know him as the meteorologist and co-anchor of KSLA News 12 This Morning.
Ron Young, "To me it's a decision that's made one hour, a phone call the next hour, three weeks later we're doing it."
Now you'll meet him as a patient. It's a transformation that takes place over a month. First the consultation. 
Dr. Kenneth Sanders tells Ron, "Close your eyes. Let me just look at a couple of things."
Ron says, "I looked in the mirror and I thought I don't particularly like what I see."
That's what started Ron on this journey. 
"The things I think that bothers me the most just looking at myself is laugh lines and the eyes probably would be the other thing," he says.
Board certified plastic surgeon Doctor Sanders says what used to be primarily a practice of the fairer sex is now becoming more accepted by the masculine one. 
"They're definitely coming in and discussing more and more rejuvenation," he says "Non surgical stuff for men is most commonly laser hair removal, that's probably the number one whether it's their neck or back and then botox."
When it comes to plastic surgery, he says the most popular pick for men is eye lid surgery or blepharoplasty...a procedure Ron will have.
Five days later, December 11th, 8 am.
It's surgery day. Doctor Sanders measures Ron's face and maps out a plan...lower eyelid surgery, a mid face lift and fat injections.
Ron gets twilight sedation and injections of local anesthesia to numb the face and reduce bleeding.
First up, the mid-face lift. During the procedure Doctor Sanders inserts two suture loops under the skin on each side of the face and uses them to lift the sagging fat pads in Ron's cheeks. Then comes the eyelid surgery. He cuts under the eyelids to remove excess fat and extra skin. 
Along with the eyelid surgery and the mid face lift, Ron has what's called a fat transfer. Dr. Sanders takes fat from one part of his body and injects in into this face to help re-shape it.
In Ron's case the fat is taken by liposuction from his stomach. Immediately after the surgery, Ron gets the first look at his new. 
Ron, "Wow!
Nordia, "What you think?"
Ron, "I can see a difference."
Nine days later he's back on the air. Before and after pictures show the transformation. 
Ron, "One of my former co-anchors came in and we had lunch and it was only a few weeks after the surgery was done and she said I can't believe the difference."
The difference when one takes on father time and wins the battle. Thursday on KSLA News 12 this Morning, our series continues with a closer look at Ron's procedures.
And you can learn more about Ron's surgery from the man himself. Just email your questions to ryoung@ksla dot com. You'll find the answers on at the end of our series.

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