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State Police Car Seat Program Abused

Bobby Brannon, owner of Brannon Heating and Air Conditioning donated 33 safety car seats Tuesday to a Louisiana State Police program.  "It's a great program, keeps kids safe," says Brannon. A program born out of necessity. "About two years ago the program started after an infant was killed riding in her mothers arms, after this the calls started to come in," says State Trooper, Doug Pierrelee. Since that time, 300 car seats have been given out. "There's many families out there that don't have the money to buy a car seat," says Brannon. The program relies completely on the generosity of people like Bobby. State police are noticing sometimes that genoristy is being taken advantage of... by people who do things like place the car seat right next to a fresh carton of cigarettes. "If you can go out and buy a carton of cigarettes, you can buy a car seat," says Brannon. "What we're trying to do is help those who are in most need," says Pierrelee. There will be no immediate policy change, but since all the car seats are donated state police is asking that likely recipients give up luxuries before asking for a free car seat. "I want to be a last resort for someone, I don't want to be a substitute for their own effort," says Pierrelee. Bobby has donated seats before, this latest round of donations totalled more than a thousand dollars. "Bobby is genuine, he doesn't get paid to do this, there's just something special about people like him around this community," says Pierrelee. "I don't have a problem spending the money, to buy these and Doug can give them out to the parents that need them," says Brannon. And for State Police, the key phrase there is ... "parents that need them".
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