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Two Alleged Burglars Rappel Into Pharmacy; get arrested

     When Shreveport Police arrested two men for allegedly breaking into the Drug Emporium on East Kings Highway, they say these burglars were on a mission. Sergeant Mike Day says, "it looks like they went through a whole lot of trouble. It's like they got a little too smart for their own good." Day says 35 year-old Ghillis Vaughn of Bossier City and 30 year-old Michael Meshell of Shreveport tried to rappel down into the pharmacy. An officer points to the hole in the ceiling saying, "one of them banged himself up pretty good when the rope broke."
     When the rope broke, so did their plans to swipe some pretty high-power, addictive drugs. Detectives tell KSLA News 12 they were looking for oxycontin or lortabs, and they would obviously go through a lot to get them. The department tells us this isn't the first time Michael Meshell has done something like this. Police arrested Meshell and his brother Jason back in September 2004 for the armed robbery of an Eckerds drug store. The pair allegedly forced a pharmacist at Eckerds on Mansfield Road, to open a locked drawer containing the drug oxycontin. Detectives say both brothers admitted to being addicted to the drug.
     On this day though, Vaughn and Meshell were trapped in the Drug Emporium, and tried what they could to get out. Day says, "they took a 12 pack of Cokes and tried to through it through the front window, but the glass was a little tougher than that. It probably would have been easier to do the deadbolt. It probably would have been easier to do the deadbolt, but they tried the Cokes, and it didn't work." Neither did their master plan. Shreveport Police say Vaughn and Meshell face burglary charges.
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