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Police officer kills pit bull after it attacks her

A Shreveport police officer fired her gun, in self defense Wednesday night.  She shot and killed a pit bull that police say attacked her as she pursued an armed robbery suspect.

The incident happened in the three thousand block of Frederick street in west central Shreveport.

The officer is okay, but the suspect she was chasing got away.

This was the pit bull that died instantly Wednesday evening, taking two rounds from a police handgun.

The shots, fired by officer Angie Willhite, who is missing part of her pants to show for what happened.

"I came to Catherine street, which is your next street south of here, and went ahead and started trying to make way on the back of the house.  They came to the front of the residence.  I'm pretty familiar with the residence. I warned them that they had a lot of dogs inside the fence," says Willhite.

Willhite had just come out of court Wednesday, when she drove over to assist in the apprehension of a suspect, known on the street as "KG."

"There's two guys running out of this house and running into their backyard. One in a gray shirt, one in a white shirt," says Willhite.

Right then, Willhite says she ran around back, eyed both suspect, and then realized what they were about to do.  She say they were about to release a pit bull in the direction, so she retreated, firing twice.

"So it was boom boom. He stopped the aggression. Ole boy was still running, I still had my rookie in the backyard.  I'm trying to get to my rookie, who's screaming, 'he's running'. So we continued the pursuit. He winded up getting away."

Willhite say this man, known only as "KG's" friend, released the dog that bit her with such force, it had to be pryed off her leg, once it was dead.



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