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Government Working To Get SSI Checks To Evacuees

     The Social Security Administration said today that it's developing plans to ensure that thousands of displaced elderly and disabled residents still will have access to their monthly checks, which begin to go out Thursday and Friday.
     Mark Hinkle, a spokeswoman for the S-S-A, said the agency would continue to send monthly payments through the regular routes -- either by direct deposit or by mail. But if they have any problems, they can go to any Social Security office and request an emergency payment.
     For those who have traveled from New Orleans to Memphis, for example, Hinkle says they'll just have to present identification at a local S-S-A office to get their money.
     However, thousands of people will have no access to a bank or to their home. For those people, the agency is working with the U-S Postal Service to ensure the delivery of checks at temporary disaster centers.
     The Federal Emergency Management Agency will determine where the centers are established. (Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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