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Spring Broke: Tips and Resources for an inexpensive Spring Break

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What the airlines DON'T tell you CAN hurt you, right in your pocket, starting with their hidden fuel surcharges.

Travel experts say soaring fuel prices will lift airfare 20 to 25 percent higher for Spring and Summer travel.

They say on average, $50 of your ticket is burned for jet fuel.

Geree Thomas, a West Memphis, Arkansas resident believes driving is way less expensive than flying. "It's cheaper to drive than it is to fly with, you know, the tickets and the bags," said Thomas.

At least one airline's charging for your carry-on bags on top of the fees for your checked luggage. Then there are the hidden service fees.

The worst thing about them is that the airlines under no obligation at all to tell you about these fees until after you've booked them.

One of the worst, a seat assignment fee.

Memphis travel agent Vicki Rush says if you book airfare online and then the airline overbooks the flight; the airline can charge you as much as an extra $19 to guarantee the seat you already paid for!

"It's irritating, but that's a good deal as opposed to being denied boarding," Rush said. "If you make the reservation and you immediately go to the seat map and there's not a seat available, before you hit 'buy', that's a decision you need to make," she adds.

Before you hit "BUY," you should hit the airline's website too.

Look for the tab titled something like 'TRAVEL INFORMATION' or 'TIPS, TOOLS & FEES'.

Right there is where the airlines post more of their nickel and diming, like the $5 second-helping of snacks or $2 headsets.

Rush recommends FareCompare.com's domestic airline fee's page. It's a one-stop comparison shop of every airline's hidden fees; every airline's hidden fees.

Back to your luggage, sometimes you can beat luggage fees with your hotel.

If you stay at a Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza or any InterContinental Hotels Group location before May, they'll reimburse your luggage fee. They'll also reimburse you for up to $100 for your checked luggage fees on a weekend stay. 

Plus it's good to know that what you got saddled with in luggage fees, can be used to pay down your hotel bill.

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