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Students punished for bringing guns to Sarepta School

By Brittany Pieper – email

SAREPTA, LA (KSLA) – No parent wants to hear a gun got into their child's school, but 2 students were expelled at a Sarepta School for bringing guns onto the campus.

The two boys, ages 11 and 13, had a hearing Tuesday to determine what their punishment should be. The Webster Parish Sheriff's Office tells us they will both be expelled for a year. After that year is over, they will reevaluate their case to see if they can be let back in the school. They've also criminally charged the boys with possession of a firearm on a school campus, but the Webster Parish District Attorney has not decided how to proceed with this unusual case.

"I'm in shock. It's really scary," said Elizabeth Bucklin, who has two children at Sarepta School.

She says the small, tight-knit community is the last place she would expect a gun to get on campus, but last Thursday a student told school officials that students had guns on campus the day before.

The school district would not speak on camera, but on Monday it sent home a note to parents that said, " I need to inform you that students were in possession of a firearm on campus last week. This situation was handled quickly as soon as school officials learned about the firearm. At no time was any child at Sarepta school threatened."

The Webster Parish Sheriff's Office says one boy had a 40 caliber handgun in his backpack. It was not loaded, but did have a loaded magazine with it. The other student had a loaded pellet gun, which they found on a school bus. The sheriff's department does not think the kids had any intent to harm anyone, but the incident still concerns parents.

"It's just scary, the fact that they got this far in bringing them into the school," said Bucklin.

She would like to see the school do more locker and backpack checks to try and prevent something like this from happening again. The district says they do random checks with a handheld metal detector at all of their schools. We asked the Assistant Superintendent if they planned to make any changes in their policy after this incident, and she said not at this time.

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