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Cell phone found in Horn's taxi cab

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BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) –  Investigators say the car could provide a lot of answers about the murder of 12 year old Justin Bloxom.

"They are looking for DNA of any kind, hair, finger prints, body fluids," said Ed Baswell with the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office.

The cab was found at the action taxi car lot in bossier on Tuesday.

It's the second crime scene in this horrific murder investigation.

"Our investigators spent six hours last night processing just the car," said Baswell.

One big question that everyone is asking is: How did horn contact his alleged victim?

"That's something we're trying to establish at this time, somehow there's going to have contact, and we just have not got that yet," said Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle during Tuesday night's news conference.

A cell phone that was found inside the cab promises to help investigators answer that question.

 Desoto detectives will look at text messages, and phone call records.

Authorities are also working to find DNA evidence that would place Bloxom inside the cab.

"There is a possibility it was used in the commission of a homicide," said Baswell.

For both bossier and Desoto parishes, the car could prove to be the smoking gun in this entire investigation.


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