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Did you hear a boom Monday? It could possibly be...

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – An enormous "boom" heard across parts of Louisiana on Monday remains a mystery. Lots of people are still wondering what caused the earth to shake.

The majority of parish leaders are saying it was more than likely a sonic boom heard across 6 parishes in north central Louisiana.

Science professor Don Wheeler says a sonic boom is a possibility and could be heard over such a large area.

He also is not ruling out a meteorite.

"Did we have an explosion? Yes," says Don Wheeler, Delta Community College Science Professor.

"Where was it? Don't think it was at ground level, based upon seismic data. So, probably something that was airborne; possibly a military jet or the meteor possibility, as it was entering the atmosphere coming from northwest to southeast."

An earthquake has been ruled out, since there was no seismic activity.



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