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Problems continue for Mo' Money Tax Service

By Fred Childers – bio|email


SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – KSLA News 12 has learned that a second Mo Money Tax Service location at Mansfield Road and Hollywood Avenue is having trouble.

On Tuesday, we received reports of Shreveport Police being called out to the office.

According to police, a customer demanded her tax refund, but an employee with the office couldn't produce one.

As you can remember, just after dark on Monday, a large, and increasingly frustrated crowd gathered outside the Mo Money Tax Service office on Jewella Avenue.

They tell KSLA News 12 their tax income check has not been given to them as promised.

"We do not know, and then they lock the door they turned the answering machine on and you can't call them," said one angry woman.

The doors were guarded, and locked, but not for long. News 12 was invited in to investigate.

"Turn the camera off and I'll be happy to talk to you," said Lisa Lee, Mo'money Tax Service Manager.

Lee tells us the checks are late, from the IRS, not from her business- she eventually agrees to let us turn the camera on.

We asked her about the crowd outside who were locked out. "They weren't being locked out, there is a capacity problem, the fire department will shut us down, so we're trying to abide by the rules of the fire department," said Lee.

Mo'money promises all of these customers will be getting their checks tonight, and if they don't get it tonight these customers will be getting a phone call tomorrow.

"We got here and there was a sign that said that after five the checks would be ready due to the large income amounts or something along those lines, but they called me and said the check was in and to come on," said Valerie Brown, who was glad to finally get a check. She said if the Tax Service could control the situation, she's sure that it would.

Check by check, the tax service hopes to turn a very angry crowd into satisfied customers like her.

"They're not angry; they understand they're going to get their checks," said Lee.

Stay tuned to KSLA News or log on to KSLA.COM for the very latest details as we continue to follow this developing story.

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