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Elevator fire sends office workers into street

By Fred Childers - bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Several floors in the Midsouth Tower on Travis Street quickly filled with heavy smoke this morning after two elevator motors caught fire.

Two hundred evacuated office workers looked on from the streets as fire fighters made their way to the 12th floor.

"When the alarm turns off it kills the elevators, and we don't have power, so we had to take the stairwell, imagine the physical endurance it requires," said Fire Chief Brian Crawford.

"Shreveport fire fighters battle blazes everyday, but not like this one. High rise fires require special equipment, like what's called a stand pipe, it's required in all of the high rise buildings. Instead of a fire fighter snaking a hose up every single stairwell, they'll just plug into a stand pipe and it'll provide water for each floor. Fighting the high rise fires also requires special training for fire fighters.

"We have an annual drill that involves all the companies in the downtown area, and vicinity, Market St. and Stoner," said Chief Crawford.

Luckily nobody was trapped in the elevator, and no serious injuries were reported, the fire department credits the occupants themselves.

"Everyone was very cooperative the people exited the building very cooperative, understood it was an emergency," said Chief Crawford.

  The emergency had potential - considering the size of the structure- to become deadly, but luckily everyone was able to get of the building with no problems or delays.

The fire fighters were able to put out the fire using 3 of the C02 fire extinguishers.

Hoses filled with water were standing by, but they were never needed.

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