Hospital accused of secretly recording patients during childbirth

The San Diego hospital is facing dozens of lawsuits over hidden cameras in operating rooms

(CNN) -A doctor is suing the San Diego hospital that once employed him.

Alleging the facility allowed hidden cameras to record female patients during surgery or childbirth.

Doctor Patrick Sullivan resigned from Sharp Grossmont Hospital in 2016.

His attorney says Sullivan was targeted by the hospital after complaining about the hidden cameras.

Sullivan alleges he discovered the cameras in all three of the operating rooms at the hospital's women's center.

And that hospital administrators told him the cameras were used to catch people stealing painkillers from drug carts.

The hospital is now saying the cameras were installed and operated for about a year in 2012 and 2013 for the purpose of catching drug thieves.

But admits patients were sometimes recorded.

At least 86 female patients are taking the hospital to court over the cameras

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