Shreveport mayoral candidate profile: Ollie Tyler

Shreveport mayoral candidate profile: Ollie Tyler

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - With the November 6 election now just two weeks away, we have been profiling the candidates running to be the mayor of Shreveport. This time we turn our attention to Democratic incumbent, Ollie Tyler.

Speaking to Tyler from her campaign headquarters on Youree Drive, Tyler began by telling us she would begin a second term with a reassessment of her first term in office, similar to the annual city report card released to the public. “So that we can be very transparent with what we’re doing, the progress we’ve made, or the lack thereof. What, where the money has been spent.” Tyler points to the massive efforts underway for the city’s aging infrastructure as a key priority, with hundreds of millions of dollars already spent on improvements to Shreveport streets, drainage, water and sewer systems. Tyler said the city’s strategic plan spells out specific objectives moving forward along with time limits, or as she calls them “metrics.” "Which I’m told is hardly ever done in government.

Those metrics hold us accountable to our public." Tyler points to economic development as another key priority going forward, to go along with recent success, ranging from the falling unemployment rate to the rising number of businesses calling Shreveport home. “We’ve brought in our expanded more than 65 companies in Shreveport.” In the fight against crime, Tyler said figures show both violent crime and property crime are down in recent years overall.

She said they’ve seen recent success in partnerships with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. “To be able to put together different type operations so that we can get some of the repeat offenders off the street.” Tyler added that they’re also working on crime prevention programs and strategies. “We’re trying to offer them other opportunities so that they don’t have to commit crimes.” Most of all Tyler points to her years as Caddo Schools superintendent as just the kind of leadership experience that helped her prepare for her first term, overseeing 6 thousand employees, 44 thousand students and handling large budgets.

She described that experience as just one more reason to re-elect her for another four years as the mayor of Shreveport.

On Wednesday’s edition of KSLA News 12 at 6, we wrap-up our mayoral profiles with a look at independent candidate Anna Marie Arpino.

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