Body found in dumpster becomes Bossier City’s third homicide of year

Body found in dumpster becomes Bossier City’s third homicide of year
Shows police at crime scene

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - The search is underway for whoever is responsible for Bossier City's third homicide of the year after the victim's body was found inside an apartment complex dumpster.

Authorities said it was a so-called 'dumpster diver' who made that gruesome discovery and immediately called police at about 9:30 Monday morning at the Cordova Court Apartments, at the foot of the Shreveport-Barksdale Bridge.

It didn't take long for Bossier City Police to arrive in big numbers and begin their investigation.

Authorities are being so tight-lipped about the case they will not give any information about the male victim, not age or even if it's a resident of the complex.

Police at crime scene
Police at crime scene (Jeff Ferrell/KSLA)

They also won't say if there's any obvious trauma to the body, or if the cause of death may be the result of a shooting, stabbing or something else entirely.

Police Spokeswoman Traci Landry explained that a new hi-tech tool was brought out to record the entire area as a 3-dimensional computer image that detectives can refer to whenever they need to do so.

"Bossier City is very lucky to have one. It's a huge tool. You'll talk with detectives and they say it's such a great help. And being able to have that and gather the evidence that they need to solve the crimes," said Landry.

She also told us the coroner had arrived on the scene in the morning and the victim’s body was not removed from the dumpster for hours to make sure no potential evidence might be destroyed in the process.

Several tenants confirmed the victim is a middle-aged man who lives at the apartments and is perhaps best known by others as "the guy who always plays loud music."

We also came across three sisters looking on from another apartment building and telling us they were shocked at the crime.

One sister, Ardicia Raney, told us, "It's crazy. Like for real, for you to find a body in a dumpster and somebody said they put the mattress on top of it."

Her sister, Kieara Peterson, then asked, "Was he just slumped over or anything?"

When informed that police are releasing few details of this homicide Peterson added, "So they won't. Okay. That's crazy.

Off camera, the apartment complex manager said she’s worked at Cordova Court Apartments for 30 years and cannot remember anything like this ever happening before.

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