Monday A.M. temps the coolest of the season so far; big warm-ups in the week ahead

Monday A.M. temps the coolest of the season so far; big warm-ups in the week ahead

Are you ready for the coolest morning lows so far this season? Below is a peek at the projected temps around the Ark-La-Tex for Monday morning. Low 40s are almost a guarantee for a lot of folks. I would not be surprised to see a few upper 30s in some of the more protected areas in the northern parts of SW Arkansas and SE Oklahoma, especially the foothills of the Ouachitas. The temperatures will quickly rise as the day progresses.

The week ahead will likely see a big warm-up with a couple of cool-downs. As you can see below, mid week and the weekend will see temps either side of 70. A couple of cold fronts will move through the area but the temperature swings will not be earth shattering.

The rain trend for the week ahead shows rather limited rain chances with the best chance of showers coming Wednesday and Thursday. It appears that there may be a bit more shower activity during the weekend, But, again, the accumulation is minor. Also, take a look at Future Track for the mid week shower activity. It appears that the heavier rain will be to the south of the Ark-La-Tex. Below, as well, are the projected totals through Thursday and the projected total for the weekend if we get a bit more rain Saturday.

For those of you who are wanting the cooler temps more in line with Autumn, you should enjoy Monday morning. For those of you who want warmer temps to hold on as long as possible, you should enjoy the afternoon highs this week.

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