11-year-old Shreveport chef cooks up success

11-year-old chef cooking up a recipe for success

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - For 11-year-old Owen Osborne, there’s no place like the kitchen.

“My mom and dad really got me into cooking,” said Osborne, a Shreveport native. “From a very young age, I was in the kitchen helping my mom and dad make dinner, lunch and breakfast.”

Owen’s passion for cooking only grew after he became hooked on a number of network competitive cooking shows. “I was always into those cooking shows and watching all the heat and intensity and all the competition,” Osborne said.

Though, what normally might keep any person from a kitchen, only drew Owen closer and closer.

“I have tons of allergies, so I can’t just eat anything,” said Osborne. “I have to make sure it doesn’t have anything I’m allergic to in it.”

Owen is allergic to eggs, dairy, beef, oranges and nuts; so many main food groups are off the table. But, Owen’s using his allergies to get creative with his cuisine.

“There’s no such thing as giving up, you either quit or you just keep going,” said Osborne.

The youngster has taken his cooking to new heights from the nation’s capitol, to the studios of the Rachel Ray show.

“I went to the White House for the healthy eating lunch time challenge,” said Osborne. He met the Obama’s along the way.

Owen also won 45 thousand dollars in a national cooking competition sponsored by Uncle Ben’s. He donated 30 thousand dollars of his winnings to his former school in Shreveport, Evangel Christian Academy.

“That’s all I can do, just help people,” said Osborne.

Owen is a scholar with Duke University’s gifted students program, he’s a member of the Scholastic News Press Corps (he’s interviewed John Cena and Michelle Obama), and he’s a talented actor.

So, what’s next for the rising chef. He aspires to one day be either a chef, or a race car driver, or an astronaut. Regardless of what happens, Owen’s has cooked up the recipe for success through hard work.

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